Must have tools for web designers

August 27, 2016 | By alexadestrange | 0 Comments

All web designers have a specific box of softwares or tools which they use to finalize the product. These tools will make designing process of web pages much more creative than just technical. Developing webs pages was purely involved coding task in past. These tools have given alternative ways of creating websites through their GUI. There are some essential tools which are not well known for some web developers and the below list contain few of them.

For designing websites, you have to code on editors. One of the best code editors out there is Notepad++. With a lot of features such as Syntax Highlighting,Notepad++ is surely a bet choice for easy coding, customizable GUI, , document map, auto filling and multi-language support, search/replace.

Local Development Environment:
When developer want to test a server on his/her own computer for development need before loading he/she website on an real paid server. XAMPP is the top class option for this. XAMPP is a totally free software which enables PHP and MySQL development. It is really easy to install and it never cost a penny so that you caneasily develop sites without getting any hosting package.

Even if you know how to code and script, you may still need a quick and easy front-end design for web development. Bootstrap is the best option for designing responsive front-end of website. You can also come up with HTML, CSS and JavaScript in Bootstrap. This cuts the need of coding the front-end of your website to a better extent and this helpsyou to take more time on developing the complex segments of your websites.

Analytics Tools:
Getting Google Analytics for your website, it will helps find more about your site itself. Most of these analysis from analytics are may not be really correct. It could be the most searched or the web pages that have most back connections to your site. If this information is used well it will helps you in boosting your website’s ratings,obviously which is the ultimate aim of any site.

This are only the essentials a lot of other tools also will come in handy for web designing such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe color cc, Code-kit, Enjoycss, foundation, Google fonts, webflow etc…


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