Heidi Klum goes completely artistic in her latest publication

November 28, 2016 | By alexadestrange | 0 Comments

Talking of my loves, I love Heidi Klum, she is my all time favorite, so its only right I talk about her on my blog. Lucky for everyone, Heidi Klum appears naked while shooting a video for NSFW Love Magazine. The 43-years-old model seems to have no issue with age. Shooting a steamy video like that for someone who is a mother is no joke. Heidi is a decorated model who has stamped her identity on the entertainment scene.

Images courtesy of Fansshare

Heidi Klum is seen bathing while she is completely nude in the clips. All that can be seen are bubbles. The hot model who is a mother of four can be seen show off her toned curves while listening to Rihanna’s “Work” in the background. British photographer Rankin directed the steamy video. The video was part of the Love Magazine’s yearly Christmas countdown.

Heidi Klum is the original model

Heidi has always kept her fans entertained with lousy photos as well as videos. The fabulous model who is the host for Project Runaway even posted on Instagram some photos of her being topless. She seems to enjoy modeling with limited accessories.

However, shooting topless at 43 years of age is not a simple thing. The video can only prove one thing, that Heidi Klum is ageless. She can’t be deterred by anything, not even her age, to achieve her goals.


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